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Project Ealing.

The challenges of any kitchen are to make sure, it is the heart of the family and connecting with the family’s home.  

Starting the design process by having a design meeting with the clients and seeing the plans of the kitchen to start the concept design. Working closely with the clients, Cattleya Kitchens got more of an idea of how to achieve their dream kitchen and to achieve something truly great. Cattleya Kitchens created two rendered kitchens to give the clients a taster of what can be achieved.

Render 1jpg

First render by Cattleya Kitchens for project Ealing.

Render 2jpg

Second render by Cattleya Kitchens.

The key was to design a kitchen to maximum the space and to always creating an exciting design. A 2m sliding door unit was installed, another was an electric glass roller shutter. To add more cabinet and counter space. That offers specific cooking, cleaning and prep areas. Making it more efficient and functional. But always keeping in mind the functional of the kitchen, an easy access to the microwave and kettle for everyday uses.

2 1JPG


Side by side the electric glass roller shutter.

1 1JPG

Final picture of Ealing kitchen.  

The most eye-catching detail is the high gloss lacquer resopal dolphin grey, resopal is a high quality very hard-wearing product. It is not sold much here in England, but it is renown in Europe. By using resopal the surface are impact, scratch and abrasion resistant, surfaces are heat and light resistant, surfaces are resistant to staining, surfaces are easy to clean and to disinfect, surfaces are water, steam, and solvent resistant. There are various laminates giving customers a great deal of choice. This includes high-glass, extra matt, slate texture, stainless steel look and ceramic effect. This is making it a breeze for anyone to use. Every Ballerina kitchen are detailed and designed with you in mind.

10 1JPG

Cupboard space.  

Making sure the design works well for the clients and has dream storage space that they needed. As you can see. The designers of Cattleya had to keep the dimensions to fit, the clients existing tableware and teapots.

12 1JPG

Sliding door system inline XL, this is designed for maximum ergonomics. From start to finish, Ballerina kitchens are always choosing to design products that improves the users overall experience., not only this but the design feature was to save space when they are opened, it is important to see how we have developed our technologies and our thinking to create a more function and useable approach to design. Ballerina Kitchen was one of the first to offer this new and exciting design and to this day still one of the rarest companies that can provide and enhance the users overall experience. With this in mind, it was important to match the elegant sliding doors with door handles that provides the same quality. The N700 handle was chosen. The simplicity and ease of a non-protruding handle, this gives the room added value and a good flow of space, this is the saving slender approach to the kitchen.


Playful as well as functional drawers, the glass makes it easy to fit exactly what you are

looking for. The internal drawers are ‘Blum.’ Stainless steel and glass. Stainless steel is a low carbon steel, protection against stains and corrosion. It is easy to clean but gives a cutting edge sharp.


Exciting features that makes a Ballerina Kitchen.


Side of a door cupboard detail, an ergonomic design. To show the quality from every angle.

8 2JPG

Worktop detail, the inlay is echoed onto the breakfast table. Keeping with the flow of the design.

9 1JPG

The extractor is tucked neatly underneath the cupboards to create an extra level of elegances and access for the clients.  

Overall, a modest size kitchen that has been excellently designed. Great eye for detail, a challenging project, great budget to work with and we hope the clients will love this kitchen for years to come. Our passion is kitchens and ready for any challenge. Please contact us for any questions. We are always happy to help.  

Cattleya designed, supply and full install Ealing kitchen.


Pictures and information supplied by Cattleya Kitchens Limited with great thanks to Ealing client for allowing us to use the photography.

2020 Kitchen trends.

We know we are in 2019 but it’s great to plan ahead and get ready for the 2020 trends. Here are our favourites.

Neo mint colourpng

Neo Mint.

“An oxygenating, fresh tone that aligns science and technology with nature.” Neo mint wins the colour of the year for 2020, This has been been forecasted by WGSN.

Ballerina Kitchen Highline 7246 2020 everything is connectedjpg
          Highline 7246 in highland snow glass.

Samsung announced that all of their products will be ‘intelligent.’ Making sure that everything is connected.

Ballerina Kitchen Y Kitchen jpgpng


As we are moving into the future of design. One major change is adapting our spaces into more open plan living and kitchen space.

Ballerina kitchen Premium 3001jpg

Premium 3001.

Fantasy kitchen appliances will arrive in 2020. This will be innovation to the next level. Manufacturers will create more professional grade lines made to fit into home settings. This will likely be done by replacing traditional handles with stainless bars on ovens and fridges.

Ballerina Kitchen Flair S 40095 Indoor and outdoor jpg
Flair S 40095.

Lastly, one to watch is the indoor and outdoor lifestyle living. Design has adapted and evolved to cater for the future of living.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe modernist architect.


The third and final director, Bauhaus director. One of the worlds best known architects.

Less is more Ludwig Mies van der Rohepng‘Less is more.’ A phrase adopted in the 1947 by Mies.

Mies is best known for his American skyscrapers such as the Lake Shore Drive tower, Seagram or IBM plaza. Mies lead into the Bauhaus was never going to be an easy ride. Walter Gropius’ successor Hannes Meyer had been dismissed from the school in 1930, by Dessau's mayor for allegedly politicising with the students, communist views.

860-880 North Lake Shore Drive Ludwig Mies van der Rohepng

860-880 North Lake Shore Drive by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

After an unsuccessful attempt to convince Gropius. Then, focusing on his architectural practice to return, the mayor instead suggested Mies, who then was appointed that same year.

Mies Gropius and Le Corbusier all worked for Peter Behrens.

Barcelona Chair by Mies van der RohejpgThe iconic Barcelona Chair was by Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich. 

A shift almost completely towards Architecture to furniture, metal and mural workshops were merged into Interior Design.

Bauhaus school designed by Walter Gropiusjpg
Bauhaus school designed by Walter Gropius.

The Bauhaus is the most influential art and design in school in history.

Storage and how to get it right.

  • Make a start. Open your cupboards and see what you use and what you need from your Ballerina Kitchen. The most important question… Do I use it? Do I love it?

1 Ballerina kitchen storage xl-pur_2651_malmoe_5980_d1_4cjpg

Ballerina Kitchen PUR 2651, sliding doors into storage space.

  • Worktops. As seen in the image is an incredible way to save space. This is done by hanging utensils.

2 Ballerina Kitchen SOFIE_B_05jpg

Ballerina Kitchen SOFIE_B 4799.

  • Plates and other crockery can be made as a display by having them on a shelf.

3 Ballerina Kitchen xl-pur_2651_malmoe_5980_p2_4cjpg

Ballerina Kitchen PUR 2651.

  • Cupboards only need a bit of engineering to make the cupboards work for you.

4 Ballerina Kitchen xl_top_1506_top_1511_d12_4cjpg
  • Multi-functional. A space for cleaning essentials and laundry as well. Ballerina Kitchen works hard to help you with your everyday needs. The combination: cooking and working- a noble design concept.

5 Ballerina Kitchen gl_smart-m_4611_top_1551_p2_v2_4cjpg

Ballerina Kitchen Smart-M 4611.

Stunning lighting design.

Gem lamp by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba  1jpg

The Gem glass table lamp, blown acid-etched glass with reliefs and gold-plating satin metal by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. 

The couple set up their studio in Milan in 1994. This included architectural planning, interior design and product designers. Their philosophy is to create objects that are interact. They have been exploiting the unprecedented expressive possibilities for blown glass.

Here is their website take a look.

7 globe branching bubble by Lindsey Adelman 1jpg

Branching bubble chandelier by Lindsey Adelman. 

Lindsey Adelman stated her studio in 2006. The first release of their product the Branching bubble chandelier started the whole business. The concept was to combines of organic nature of blown glass with rational machined components.

Here is their website.

Kazimir pendant by Ladies  Gentlemen Studio 1jpg

 Kazimir pendant by Ladies & Gentlmen Studio.

 This is inspired by the Russian modernist Kazimir Malevich. This pendant creates layers and gives a three dimension overall look. A piece of art on it's own and create a true beauty in a home.

tanley large pendant light Hammered Brass available from Original BTC 1jpg

Stanley large pendant light, polished copper available from Original BTC. 

This makes a dramatic efface but it has an effortless feel and look to create a more retro atmosphere.