Kitchen Handles.

When you start planning your kitchen, you might be busy deciding to have an open plan kitchen or not. This is one of the items, that is sometimes forgotten. Let's get down to the details.


Ballerina Küchen’s G242 kitchen handle.

Sleek and elegant features.

These are the most brought handles. Many people buy metal handles as they are strong and durable they do not wear away easily.

Line 45 Flair_s_01jpg

Grip ledge of Line45.

It has been ergonomically designed. This gives an extraordinary detail, that everyone that goes into your kitchen will notice.


Ballerina Küchen’s G018 and G019.

Leather or metal chain kitchen handles. An elegant statements that can easily blend into the living room & kitchen effortlessly.

Smart-M 4611jpg

An example of Ballerina Küchen Smart-M 4611.

You can mix and match. Making the kitchen handles match your personality.