Ludwig Mies van der Rohe modernist architect.


The third and final director, Bauhaus director. One of the worlds best known architects.

Less is more Ludwig Mies van der Rohepng‘Less is more.’ A phrase adopted in the 1947 by Mies.

Mies is best known for his American skyscrapers such as the Lake Shore Drive tower, Seagram or IBM plaza. Mies lead into the Bauhaus was never going to be an easy ride. Walter Gropius’ successor Hannes Meyer had been dismissed from the school in 1930, by Dessau's mayor for allegedly politicising with the students, communist views.

860-880 North Lake Shore Drive Ludwig Mies van der Rohepng

860-880 North Lake Shore Drive by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

After an unsuccessful attempt to convince Gropius. Then, focusing on his architectural practice to return, the mayor instead suggested Mies, who then was appointed that same year.

Mies Gropius and Le Corbusier all worked for Peter Behrens.

Barcelona Chair by Mies van der RohejpgThe iconic Barcelona Chair was by Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich. 

A shift almost completely towards Architecture to furniture, metal and mural workshops were merged into Interior Design.

Bauhaus school designed by Walter Gropiusjpg
Bauhaus school designed by Walter Gropius.

The Bauhaus is the most influential art and design in school in history.

Storage and how to get it right.

  • Make a start. Open your cupboards and see what you use and what you need from your Ballerina Kitchen. The most important question… Do I use it? Do I love it?

1 Ballerina kitchen storage xl-pur_2651_malmoe_5980_d1_4cjpg

Ballerina Kitchen PUR 2651, sliding doors into storage space.

  • Worktops. As seen in the image is an incredible way to save space. This is done by hanging utensils.

2 Ballerina Kitchen SOFIE_B_05jpg

Ballerina Kitchen SOFIE_B 4799.

  • Plates and other crockery can be made as a display by having them on a shelf.

3 Ballerina Kitchen xl-pur_2651_malmoe_5980_p2_4cjpg

Ballerina Kitchen PUR 2651.

  • Cupboards only need a bit of engineering to make the cupboards work for you.

4 Ballerina Kitchen xl_top_1506_top_1511_d12_4cjpg
  • Multi-functional. A space for cleaning essentials and laundry as well. Ballerina Kitchen works hard to help you with your everyday needs. The combination: cooking and working- a noble design concept.

5 Ballerina Kitchen gl_smart-m_4611_top_1551_p2_v2_4cjpg

Ballerina Kitchen Smart-M 4611.

Stunning lighting design.

Gem lamp by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba  1jpg

The Gem glass table lamp, blown acid-etched glass with reliefs and gold-plating satin metal by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. 

The couple set up their studio in Milan in 1994. This included architectural planning, interior design and product designers. Their philosophy is to create objects that are interact. They have been exploiting the unprecedented expressive possibilities for blown glass.

Here is their website take a look.

7 globe branching bubble by Lindsey Adelman 1jpg

Branching bubble chandelier by Lindsey Adelman. 

Lindsey Adelman stated her studio in 2006. The first release of their product the Branching bubble chandelier started the whole business. The concept was to combines of organic nature of blown glass with rational machined components.

Here is their website.

Kazimir pendant by Ladies  Gentlemen Studio 1jpg

 Kazimir pendant by Ladies & Gentlmen Studio.

 This is inspired by the Russian modernist Kazimir Malevich. This pendant creates layers and gives a three dimension overall look. A piece of art on it's own and create a true beauty in a home.

tanley large pendant light Hammered Brass available from Original BTC 1jpg

Stanley large pendant light, polished copper available from Original BTC. 

This makes a dramatic efface but it has an effortless feel and look to create a more retro atmosphere.

Design analysing into Smart M4611.

Ballerina Kitchen_gl_smart-m_4611_top_1551_d4_4cjpg

Ballerina Kitchen has designed this kitchen, with the smart glass satin finish grey. 

Ballerina Kitchen_gl_smart-m_4611_top_1551_d5_4cjpg

Every new design from Ballerina Kitchen always strive to make our lives easier. How do they do this, you ask? Ballerina are able to achieve this by good spacial planning and an interior design concept. This is then focused on user-friendly details to make sure there are short walks from the word go.

Ballerina Kitchen_gl_smart-m_4611_top_1551_p2_v2_4cjpg

Design needs to consider everyday aspect as well. This includes washing, ironing, organising, cleaning products and waste bins. After this is planned, you can return to the fun things in life. 

For a while stone was considered too cold. Today, the effortless feel to the finger rips that use these kitchens will leave a lasting impression. 

Ballerina Kitchen_gl_smart-m_4611_top_1551_d3_4cjpg

The spacious counter is designed to join in to living space. The fitted tall unit side, in matt Smart glass accommodates the user-friendly kitchen appliances and provides additional generous storage space behind sliding and hinged doors.

100% Design.

100 design logopng

Every year 100% design host a nine day London Design Festival. To unveiling this year’s theme for everyone to see. The exclusive press launch, Max Fraser, the content editor for the show. “2018 is a bright and cheerful year, we have gone for colour.” And “Another feature we have focused on this year is the future, and where design is heading.”

The show is located at Olympia London, announced fun new changes for 2018. They featured a number of new projects with inspiring collaborations and new products launched in the show.

100% design is dedicated to showcase a variety of brands from the UK and internationally, across each of the show areas, brands to watch out for included Greek furniture brand, that was sourced in the unique and exquisite stones from around the world and crafts them into artful interior pieces. Make sure you go and visit 100% Design next year. If you missed it this year. Here are some of our favourites.

The core principles of simplicity and finesse, Bulo is another brand to keep your eye on. It has a timeless aesthetic.

Bulo bankdelen-jules-wabbes-photo-cafeine-be-2-16-1-420x630jpg

The Louise chair was designed n 1963 by Jules Wabbes. It is a simple and elegant chair with a classic personality. 

Another amazing idea is Aritco ’s sleek HomeLift designed by Alexander Lervik, this Swedish innovation skilfully combines safety, technology and design. The open glass shaft, Scandinavian artwork and smart details such as a steering wheel, apps and smooth silent rides give you an uplifting experience.

Aritco s sleek HomeLift jpg

Aritco ’s sleek HomeLift (stand L570, L525) designed by Alexander Lervik.

 Totem high candle holder Cecile Mestelanjpg

Totem high candle holder by Cinzel stone works.

This unique decorative piece that brings together water and fire. Totem can be a flower vase or a candlestick holder. Making this object a distinctive and versatile piece. Interlocking black and white.