German Kitchen Engineering

European design has always been at the forefront of our lives. From our cars, kitchens, fashion and engineering. In this article we are going to explore the vast world that is German kitchen engineering. Let us begin with some questions. What makes a German kitchen so special? Do you need a German kitchen? What are the key differences between British and German kitchen design?

      Traditionally in the UK kitchen market there was only a hand full of options: hand-made, shaker and contemporary flat panel door kitchens. These designs tended to be fairly chunky, with harsh corners, bold handles and unusual decorative pieces. German kitchens alternatively offer minimalistic designs. With very few handless, sleek lines, elegant worktops as well as contemporary lighting styles. German engineering has always been renowned for being produced to a supreme high quality. This is carried into their kitchen designs. With German kitchens made by machinery, their UK counterparts are nearly always made by hand. However do not fear, even though the German kitchens are made by machines they are over seen by technicians. Their job is to ensure each individual piece of the kitchen is correctly constructed.

     Throughout Britain the kitchen market is heavily saturated in designers that purely work with German kitchen brands. They are highly trained in designing these beautiful kitchens, only recommending this to their clients. This is not because of the additional prices attached with them. They solely sell German kitchens because these kitchens are built to last you and your home decades of use. In Germany the average person replaces their kitchen three times in their life time. Based on average, this means their kitchen lasts them between twenty-five and thirty years. This shows that purchasing a German kitchen for your home is an investment not only into your life but into your home. We hope you found this article informative, as well helpful in making the decision of investing in a German kitchen. Here at PHG we represent the German kitchen brand Ballerina in the UK. For more information head over to our product line section.