What is Scandinavian design?

'Scandinavian design' a term we all hear in the interior design world on a frequent basis. This design term originated from a design show that toured North America in the 50's. Promoting the Nordic way of living, simple materials used to create a warm environment. The style has evolved to meet todays way of life, however it has kept several of the key features that was once seen.  Beautiful, simple, clean designs, inspired by nature and the northern climate, accessible and available to all, with an emphasis on enjoying the domestic environment.

         Natural lighting, a key feature to all Scandinavian homes. It has the ability to open and shape the living spaces. The way we interact with our home is all in the way we see it. Scandinavian colours tend to be: white, light greys, tans and neutrals. Wooden accents are used to add warmth to an area of the home. Furniture pieces as well as wooden walls and decor pieces. Complimentary to the white and grey walls found within the home. Bringing the calmness of the outdoors into the home. Continuing on the theme of bringing the outdoors in. Plants, they are the go to decorative piece in a Scandi home. Bringing a burst of life into the space! With lush shades of green, to bring a juxtaposition against the typical neutral tones found in these homes. 

     Less is absolutely more, keeping everything organised is essential when planning and designing the space within a Scandi home. Declutter your space, this will allow the environment to be soothed, hence making it visually relaxing. We hope you have found this short article helpful in your discovery of the Scandinavian home design. To learn more about the brands and products we represent within our agency check out our socials linked below. As well as the product line section above.