How to impress your guests this winter season!

Winter has arrived! With it comes dark nights, bitter weather and the desire to have friends as well as family members around the table. So let us begin with the table: as we have stated before in previous articles less is absolutely more. So when selecting your decorative pieces go for a theme, a certain colour palette and stick to less then ten items. Start with candles, people tend to go with either red or white. Next let's sprinkle some pine cones or pine branches, whichever one speaks to you and your style. Then place out a few ornaments around the table, this will add some additional character as well as express your style. Lastly the final pieces: cutlery, plates and most importantly wine glasses! 

Impress your guests by serving their wine from an elegant cooler. Dunavox offers a wide range of units from small integrated units that blend seamlessly into your kitchen units. As well as large freestanding units that sit perfectly in your living spaces. With their beautiful interiors ideal for modern homes. Designed to hold your collection at home, a brilliant decorative piece for your living space. Ready for all your wine party hosting's. Check out our product line section above for more details on Dunavox . As well as our socials below for more wine cooler content.