Kitchen pantry and how to get them to work for you.

Kitchens have evolved with how we use our kitchens and how much space we need. This is where the kitchen pantry come in handle.

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Ballerina Küchen OPAL H 5650.

It is very normal nowadays for clients to want a kitchen pantry & is top of their list.

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Friends enjoying a Ballerina Küchen FEEL B 40299.

A pantry should be able to hold at least a week’s worth of food shop. Easy to access the food preparation area.

It should be a breeze to remove items without moving other products around.

Everything in the pantry should be easy to reach and seen at a glance.

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Visually pleasing PUR 2651.

Reach in pantries.

They are shallow cabinet-style pantires that are good for shelves that aren't too deep. Please make sure that the reach in pantry is able to hold a lot of weight so it must be heavy duty.

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Pull out pantries.

The pantry is a shelf that slides out from a unit or wall. Easy access on both sides.

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Remember pantry can be colourful and organised like this FRAME 3358.