Ballerina Küchen wins The German Innovation Award 2019.

Amazing news Ballerina Küchen received an award for The German Innovation awards 2019 for their design of the TakeAway. The aim of the TakeAway pull out system was to have mobility, freedom and individuality.

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Ballerina Küchen receiving The German Innovation awards 2019.

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Here is the TakeAway pull out system.

What can the TakeAway storage space can offer you.

Innovation pull out system.

Freely positionable, stackable and functional.

It is able to break areas up and designed to create a warm and homely space.

The design quality, smart function and sleep appearance.

The extendable high-quality storage shelf designed with quality strong glass with eye-catching metal elements.

03 Ballerina Kchen XL_PREMIUM_3001_FENIX_5011_D5png

A glass and metal version of the TakeAway pull out system.

Ballerina Küchen has been setting market trends as well as numerous innovations and exclusive features which are marketed through sales channels. Kitchen retailers worldwide.

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TakeAway pull out system in use.

Ballerina has a huge variety of design choices that is able to meet all of you and your family needs.