Sophisticated design.

Top 1481. Front natural mammoth oak effect. Open plan living. Making a statement like a piece of art.

01_Ballerina Kitchen TOP 1481png

Top 1481.

Wonderful visually pleasing design with plenty of storage space. Great for dining with guest & entertaining.

02_Ballerina Kitchen TOP 1481png

Great way to maximum space.

Tall units and easy to slide out storage. You can see why Ballerina kitchens are award winning kitchen designers.

03_Ballerina Kitchen TOP 1481png

You can see how organised and easy drawers can be and adapted to your everyday life.

04_Ballerina Kitchen TOP 1481png

A functional kitchen with exciting design features.

It is simple to see that Ballerina kitchen can match your personality and make it one of the best rooms in the house.