Pocket doors slide and hide.

01_Ballerina Kitchen xl-pur_2651_malmoe_5980_p5_4cjpg

PUR 2651.

How can Ballerina Küchen improve and redesign what a kitchen is.

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You can see the pocket doors in action.

What can the future be? 

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Easy access to everything you need.

A working kitchen that can swiftly tuck away, the kitchen, and instantly be changed into a fine dining area, studio or office space within reach of the coffee machine.

04_Ballerina Kitchen xl-pur_2651_malmoe_5980_p1_0148_4cjpg

Slide and hide doors.

05_Ballerina Kitchen xl-pur_2651_malmoe_5980_d1_4cjpg

Close up of the pocket doors.

The result: Greater freedom of movement & smart usage of space.

06_Ballerina Kitchen xl-pur_2651_malmoe_5980_d8_4cjpg

You can easily see how great a Ballerina Küchen is.

The large sliding doors on the living side of the island conceal a large amount of storage space creating a very homely environment.