Industrial style.


Open plan kitchen Top 1496.

Inspired by the loft warehouses of Manhattan and the industrial ideas of Andy Warhol’s NY ‘factory’. This timeless style that has influenced generations of Interior design, can now be incorporated into your Ballerina Küchen. A great breakfast table with ample space for even the most elaborate meal preparation and cooking.


Top 1496 with seating for breakfast and quick lunches.

The Industrial style is not strictly reserved for “Haute Couture” Kitchens, this timeless look with a fun modernistic appeal can be adapted for any price groups.


Spacious storage space.

Remember, industrial is all about tones, textures and materials.

With the launch of the raw material decors, the worktops, furniture, lighting and brassiere can have rusted steel and concrete effect surfaces.


Ballerina Küchens wonderful storage space.

By using glass, metal and wood, these materials create the perfect combination of openness and relaxed areas, with the ability of having open and closed storage. An eye-catching design, tailored for you.