How to get a well designed kitchen?

Ballerina Küchen designs are both ergonomically and elegantly designed. Here are some useful questions to consider before choosing a well designed kitchen.

01_Ballerina Kitchen TOP 1506jpg

An example of Ballerina kitchen Top 1506.

Do you have a space that you need to fill? We would suggest rather than a cabinet. How about Ballerina Küchen’s pocket doors?

02_Ballerina Kitchen PUR 2651jpg

PUR 2651 pocket doors in action.

03_Ballerina Kitchen MONTANA 7750jpg

Maximising storage with the Montana 7750.

How much storage space do you want from your kitchen? It is possible to get floor to ceiling cabinets, this will maximum your storage space for your kitchen. 


Edition 2706 example of a fitted oven into the kitchen.

It is possible to get a fitted oven, fridge, microwaves into the design to save worktop space.

04_Ballerina kitchen FLAIR-B 40199jpg

Flair B 40199 designed for all the family members.

Have you thought about the ergonomics. Is it the right height? It's great having fitted ovens but are you able to easily and safely remove hot plates from the oven? If it is too high, the problem will be accessibility. Do you want your children reaching these areas as well?

We hope you have enjoyed the blog and if you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us.