Do I need a completely new kitchen?

Of course, you will be embarking on a great journey of discovery. The more prepared & planned for this adventure, the easier it is to get the kitchen of your dreams. Let’s make those dreams come true.

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Are you ready for a new kitchen? Take a look at this Ballerina Küchen Premium 3001.

It is time to think about using Pinterest as a way of collecting & collating ideas for your own kitchen. (Please check out our Pinterest for ideas

Make sure you take a look at the kitchen units, the quality of the doors is very important.

The worktops can be designed to create a timeless look & style. A worktop needs to be hard-wearing and resistant material to water, heat and also be able to withstand daily usage.

You need to consider kitchen appliances. It is very important to select characteristics, quality, performance and look. Here is our list of appliance you might need for a kitchen.

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This is a good example of Ballerina Küchen Arte-B 3399.

  1. Oven, hob extractor, microwave, fridge/freezer, sink and tap, washing machine, tumble dryer, instant boiling water tap, waste disposal unit, water softener, coffee machine and wine cooler;
  2. Don’t forget to factor in sundries such as: Kitchen installation (labour), re-wiring costs, the installation of electrical items,’Part P.’, planning works & compliance updates. All will very in price due to the high number of variables involved;
  3. Kitchen installation cost calculation. This depends on the size of the kitchen and the work that needs to be done.
  4. Ballerina Kitchen will be with you every step of your journey, from planning, through installation to those finishing touches that make, your kitchen, uniquely yours.

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It is good to think about making your kitchen a visual appealing one. Ballerina Küchen Top 1421.

How to cut the cost of your new kitchen. Planning a new kitchen or modernising the existing one before deciding on your new space look.  

04_Ballerina Kitchen Top 1416png

Finally an example of a well designed kitchen. Ballerina Küchen Top 1416.

This will help you come to a great conclusion than leaving you with options within your price range.