Wine Coolers

When is the correct time to purchase a wine cooler? Today’s guide will help you to know when you will be ready to take the next step in your wine journey. So what is a wine cooler? By its definition a wine cooler stores and maintains a constant temperature for wine bottles to be held in. Many wines when stored correctly will improve with time, lasting for years.

           Humidity, light and temperature all impact how we enjoy our favourite glass of wine. These three factors can all be easily controlled within a wine cooler. This is why it is essential to keep your collection stored within the correct environment. No one wants to open their favourite bottle of red only to find out it tastes like vinegar. For some reason we all tend to think purchasing a wine cooler is going to be a large investment. This is most likely due to the fact we see them in wealthy to high-end locations. However they are not nearly as expensive as you think they will be. A great way to measure the size of your collection is to follow this guide. Two bottles is a great night. Four bottles, you have yourself a small collection. At this point it is time to class yourself as a collector. The time has come for you to get yourself a cooler.

         The next question you need to ask yourself is this, what kind of wine cooler do I need? What a question! To answer this fully there are more questions to answer. Are you planning on growing your collection or keeping it small and simple? As well, where location wise would you place it within your home space? Let's start at the end. Location is important, ensuring your wine cooler is in the right place will allow you to enjoy all of its benefits. Whether you would like it in your kitchen as a built-in integrated unit or as a freestanding unit in your living space. The unit size matters. Most wine cooler models hold a certain amount ranging anywhere from ten into the hundreds. This is why when selecting your unit it is paramount you do your research. Select a gage of how large you are willing to grow your collection. Let’s say hypothetically you wish to grow your collection to over fifty wines. As well as how low you are willing to allow your collection to drop. This way you can pick your wine cooler based on its capacity, as long as you like the collection of styles.

              The brand we recommend for you to check out is Dunavox. Offering a wide variety of coolers. Ranging from those with the capacity to store small, personal and large collections. Some of their models are freestanding, making them great for the home space. While other units can be incorporated into the kitchen space with their integrated features. Self ventilation, touch to open technology, solid beech wooden shelving and elegant exterior design are just a few of Dunavox wine coolers features. For more information as well as to find your nearest retailer drop us an email today! To see more kitchen products and information on how to become a retailer of the products we represent get in touch today!