Wine has developed and evolved for hundreds of years, however the key principles still stand to this very day. These are a time to meet, connect and grow over a glass, to understand undertones and flavour, pairing these wines with different food groups which enhance the overall taste of the wine. Through time as wine and the industry as a whole evolved so did the luxurious ways that people could collect as well as to store their vastly growing collections. 
            So came the age of the wine cooler not only used to house an individuals assembly of fine wines, they have also been used as a decorative piece to elevate a kitchen. As well as used as a sleek structure to stand out in a kitchen. Presenting Dunavox wine coolers, a true staple in the Patrick House Group product collection. These built-in units beautifully modernise your kitchen for practicability and style. To home your vastly growing collection also to have something sleek to accentuate your homes kitchen therefore bringing it to life. Wine coolers are functionable pieces designed to integrate into your home to become a piece of furniture to be used as a daily feature. Relaxing on a evening to share a bottle of wine with a loved one is one of life's simple pleasures, chilled of course!  
             With Dunavox's coolers one of their main features is their wooden shelving to securely store and protect your bottles. Along with touch sensitive opening on many of their units creating a modern way to open your cooler as well as temperature control so your assembly always stays chilled to perfection! In conclusion we here at Patrick House Group love to develop and improve our knowledge on wine along with their storage units. Always finding new and exciting way to enjoy the little moments in life, this way you can every time live life to the full. If you wish to learn more about our lines or how to find a retailer near you, please feel free to contact us through email. Also check us out on our social media for more wine content!