What does a wine's particular shade tell you?

Do you ever wonder what does a wine's particular shade tell you?
Here is a little guide:

White - If your wine is pale lemon in colour it's likely that you've got a young, zesty wine, with herbal or mineral taste characteristics.

Orange - Nutty, peachy, spicy orange wines are made using an ancient wine-making technique with roots in Eastern Europe. In this technique, white grape skins have extended contact with the juice, imbuing a range of colour from amber to tangerine.

Rosé - To attain a shade of pink, red grape skins are removed as soon as the desired hue is achieved. The lightest of these have just a kiss of pink with delicate floral aromas while deepening shades indicate stronger fruit flavours like strawberry and watermelon.

Red - Lighter shades often indicate a lighter body while deeper hues often signal a bolder wine. Full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are deeply coloured, leaning towards purple, and completely opaque.

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