Top five products to consider when getting a kitchen.  


Ballerina Kitchen Liftboyjpg


 Ask your Ballerina Küchen specialist about our easy storage and access solution, Liftboy; convenience is just a step away. Everything always in reach, though never in the way.  

Kitchen Handles.

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Leather door handle (G018)

Introducing Ballerina Küchen genuine leather door handle (G018). Add that personal touch to your open plan living with a huge range of handles to choose from:

Carcass Colours.

Ballerina Kitchen k209f-bianco-royal-marmor-nbjpg

Bianco Royal effect K209F.

Ballerina Küchen provides 25 carcases to deliver that unique personal touch, to both the exterior and interior décor. That is bespoke designed for your new kitchen. Bianco royal effect a fantastic marble effect carcase. It is very unique and new to this year’s range. Recently launched at the September Haus Fair.


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Say hello to maximised storage, effortless to access, each draws opens at ease.

Open plan living.

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PUR 2651.

This marble finish multifunctional living, kitchen, work area provides smart living. Why not contact Ballerina kitchens about your unique requirements, we will create your perfect space for the whole family and guests. Ballerina kitchen has recently designed the large multipurpose sliding doors; due to the flexibility ballerina kitchen, it now provides the ability to turn your area into a kitchen, living room or office due to the capability to tuck away your kitchen in order to establish a professional, fine-dining experience. Overall, giving you greater movement in your ballerina kitchen. 

Ballerina Kitchen XL_3146_volljpgpng

MIAMI 3146.

We’ve highlighted some of the products ballerina kitchen provides, for any queries or need of further assistance please contact as at