The International Kitchen Fair. LivingKitchen.


Ballerina kitchen xl_montana_7750_pur_2646_p4jpg

Ballerina Küchen’s Montana 7750 in larch veneer with black cracks and knots.

The global kitchen industry will be opening their doors on the 14th - 20th January. Opening times for the event:

The International kitchen show in Cologne Opening timespng

There is plenty to explore with important new developments in the world of kitchens. Exciting and innovative manufacturer’s presentations, as well as unique kitchen furniture, appliances & accessories.

Ballerina Kitchen xl-pur_2651_malmoe_5980_p1_0148_4cjpg

Ballerina Küchen PUR 2651 in Bianco royal marble DirectLACK matt.


Ballerina Küchen will be there, with new information on their groundbreaking smart kitchen. Be sure to attend.

What to know more? Make sure you attend the event. If you want any more information or FREE tickets please private message us.