Self ventilating wine coolers

There surely is nothing more enjoyable than sipping on a glass of wine, especially within the comfort of your four walls. If you are one of many wine collectors in the UK, who enjoys collecting and consuming wines. Then you have at one point considered investing in a wine cooler! The question is what wine cooler should you invest in? In today's article we will explain why we believe self ventilating units are the way to go.

              Most wine coolers commonly require the vent to be installed in the plinth. There must be enough space for ventilation at the back of the tower. This is so that the warm air (produced by the compressor) can escape through the back of the unit. This can have an impact on your kitchens overall design look. Introducing Dunavox wine coolers; a leading name in wine refrigeration business. As well as one of the fastest developing wine cooler companies in the world. So why is Dunavox so important when it comes to self ventilating wine coolers? Dunavox has taken a standard integrated wine cooler unit and manufactured their new range with an built-in ventilation system. Allowing them to be integrated into existing kitchens, in addition to newly designed kitchen spaces. 

           Dunavox wine coolers are one of the key brands that we represent here at the Patrick House Group agency. For more information on the brand  check out our product line section. As well as our socials linked below. There are plenty more articles on wine and how to store your collection here on our website, so feel free to browse.