Modern vs Contemporary Design

A living space is a living space is a living space, right? Well you are not wrong. However each living space is unique, no two are the same. This of course is affected by each person's individual style. Today’s article is about the two power houses of design, modern and contemporary.

          Many confuse these two design styles as the same, when in fact there is a world of difference. The reality is these styles have several distincting factors, once you understand these you will be able to plan your home interior layout with ease. Modern design began in the late 19th century being described as bold and sleek. On the other hand we have contemporary design presented as the now and occurring designs as well as what to expect in the future. Described as a subdued simplistic style, it reflects life in the current world as we are ever moving and evolving. Though contemporary designs tend to be fairly ambiguous, there are several factors as to what to expect from one of these designs. A neutral Palette, clean lines, minimalism, large furniture pieces. Expect to see plenty of natural materials as well as: steel, chrome and copper to name a few. Contemporary is still happening right now in time, an excellent method for us to view these designs would be to research using materials such as: interior design magazines and social media platforms to find designers whose work you enjoy.

       Modern design came to life around the end of the 19th century, becoming fully structured at the turn of the 20th century. Originating from the Scandinavian countries, detectable by a few key features this style tends to lean into bold spaces that have stand out features. Typical features include; structural elements such as beams are left on show; dark features are incorporated to create warmth; light is used to accentuate a space as well as large furniture pieces. Now that you are able to tell the difference apart from both modern and contemporary spaces. You are ready to begin mapping out spaces in your home. If you would like more advice and tips on designing out your home, check out our other article filled with inspiration and guidance. As well check out our socials linked below for the products and lines we represent!