Kitchen Storage

Space in the kitchen is key. As well creating smart storage solutions are essential in the modern kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of your home, a social gathering space to: cook, eat, clean and enjoy one another's company. This is why when designing this space you must take into consideration storing all your food, cleaning supplies and kitchen wares. In today’s article we will be discussing ways and tools that you can use to optimise your kitchen space.

              Our first tip for you to follow is to decant, using jars to hold your dry foods such as: cereals, nuts, oats, seeds and others. This way you are not storing additional packaging that you simply do not need in your kitchen. The next design tip is to add a spice rack drawer to your pull-out units. Making it more simplistic to store away your spices at home when not in use. As well as freeing up more space for other essentials. Hanging your stemware, this bar tradition has made its way into our homes. A storage technique seen in many contemporary kitchen spaces. Creating the look of luxury dining at home.

          Recycling pull-out draws, when attempting to recycle at home we tend to forget or become lazy when separating paper from plastic to hard plastic. With a well thought out organsied space to recycle and keep a tidy environment. Functionability is key in the kitchen space, being able to see products or kitchen wares at a glance is needed. Glass storage is a must have, creating an overall clean aesthetic as well as being highly practicable. This form of storage is also a key way in showing off any unique decor you may have in your kitchen. In addition to adding charming features to your kitchen. Large or small, turning a chaotic kitchen into an organised space takes time and strategies. The next tip we have to offer you is kitchen islands. Designed for additional space for food preparation or cleaning, however many islands have built-in storage solutions that will maximise your space. This allows them to be multi-functioning, being a great asset to your space.


            A busy family kitchen can quickly become a cluttered disordered space. Building a multiple storage approach will ensure that each area of the kitchen is organised. When going through the process of planning out your kitchen with a designer, take time to think about your daily tasks. The tools and products you use, how you wish to store these within the kitchen to make these tasks flow with ease. Creating an overall look for the storage solutions is key. This kitchen design is an investment into your home. Lasting years, ensuring that you will love it years down the line is crucial. Take time to develop your style, look into different styles until you find one that you can see fitting into your home. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Kitchen designers and consultants are here to help you along the way of finding your dream kitchen. Take their advice on what would work in the space. The biggest piece of advice we can give you to take away from this article is to research; look in home magazines; look at social media platforms to find designers' works and styles from this you can pinpoint what it is you are looking for. We hope you enjoyed today’s article and learned something new! Check out our other blogs for more kitchen content. As well, check out our social platforms to see more storage solutions from the companies we represent.