Kitchen planning: How to bring the outdoors into your kitchen.

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Ballerina Küchen’s Montana 7750.

Many of our readers have asked how to achieve this goal. They want to connect to their outdoors surroundings.

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Detail of the TakeAway drawers Montana 7750.

By growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs. You can easily use Ballerina Küchen’s TakeAway crates in and out of your kitchen. You can even grown your own food in an apartment on your countertops or windowsill.

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A smart idea to have an indoor garden Top 1456.

The heavy duty pull out TakeAway crates can help you with all practical and stylish transportation needs. You can use it for your cleaning products or full crates of potatoes, apples or tomatoes. Whatever you need for you and your family.

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Feel B 40299 showing us how this can be achieved.

Endless possibility for your kitchen. Not only adding personality but improving your everyday life.

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