Dunavox Wine Coolers

For almost twenty years the award-winning wine cooler brand Dunavox, has been associated with professional storage and cooling solutions for wine at home. Dunavox has been at the forefront of development and is known for minimalistic yet functional design character, practical internal layout, state-of-the art technology, and energy efficiency. A brand that prides themselves on luxury design and great unit selection. With a keen eye for detail together with reliability, Dunavox has grown to be a leading name in the wine cooler world. 

          A wine cooler is very much a personal appliance. Holding your collection of hand picked wines at home. Dunavox offers a wide variety of unit sizes, to meet your wine needs. With the capacity to hold smaller more personal collections. Freestanding units, equipped to provide the necessary climate for large collections. Ideal for contemporary living spaces, as an additional decorative piece. A wine cooler creates an undeniable level of class and luxury, whilst still being affordable. Handleless or with a handle? It is completely up to you. Dunavox offers an entire range of handleless units, with push to open technology. Allowing for a seamless blend into handleless kitchen designs. For the kitchen space, Dunavox has developed a line of fully integrated units. Available in: black, stainless steel and cabinet cover for that truly integrated look. The features that occur naturally in a wine cellar are all managed and maintained within a Dunavox wine cooler. A luxurious final piece to add to your home design. 

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