Designer Tips

In today's article we will be discussing different techniques that you can use in your home to create a luxurious, well rounded look. What we tend to see a lot in high end spaces are neutral base tones. In particular large pieces of furniture whether they be: beds, living room pieces as well as kitchen islands. These are easy to play around with as there are plenty of complimentary colours for neutral tones. Investing in furniture items is so commonly overlooked, fast furniture has become an environmental fiasco. With individuals purchasing cheap quality pieces that do not last long, as soon as these products break they are replaced with yet another cheap alternative. This is why we must turn away from manufacturers that mass produce products, towards ones with a cleaner, more green solution. Ironically the answer has been staring us in the face this whole time! Recycling, the furniture industry as a whole has begun to move this way.( Ballerina use 30% recycled material in their chipboard ) Towards reusing materials, giving new life to old pieces as well of course the rising trend of thrifting. The art of giving a new home to a once loved item.


    Adding colour in very strategic placements can truly enhance any space. Alongside this complimenting a room with different texture and materials which will truly tie an environment together. Currently within the world of interior design it is very in trend to bring aspects of nature into our homes. Nature by definition is what brings peace and balance to the world, people bring parts of nature into their home to help sooth along with it to bring balance to their living spaces. Some examples of natural decoration in the home would be: wood, plants, cotton, seashells, pine cones as well as many more. Less is so much more. You do not necessarily have to live a minimalist lifestyle, however there is a lot we can learn from that way of living. That being only having what you need. When making a decision, think “do I truly need this item”? Will it bring you function or happiness? If these answers are not a hard yes then you simply do not need them! Removing all the items we do not use in our homes will create a more lighter open environment, for you to appreciate on a daily bases.


    Interior design is an excellent medium for an individual to express their artistic flair: through colour choice, art work, mirrors, furniture, furnishings and decoration pieces. Mirrors are an excellent tool for opening up a space, bringing in additional natural light into a room. House plants create living life in your home, they can be used as an additional burst of colour to the environment that they are in. They are also a key factor in bringing nature into your home space. Illumination, we use light to create depth in addition to contrast to our space. Light positioning plays a role in how you see as well as how you experience an environment. You can create shadows and outlines, furthermore changing colours through warm and cool lighting. There are three lightings that we find, the first being warm light this tends to be found in bedrooms as well as living rooms for intimate ambience. Then we use soft white in more desk orientated spaces such as: kitchens, bathrooms and office areas. Finally we have cool lighting which is used in commercial spaces. Then of course there is the three layers of lighting that we want to create. The first layer is called ambient lighting which creates general uniform lighting for a room. The next layer is called accent lighting, like its name says it gives accentuation to a specific space. The third and final layer being desk lighting such as table lamps. We hope this article has developed your knowledge of interior design. If you wish to learn more about our lines or how to become a retailer, please contact us through email. As well check us out on our social platforms for more kitchen and interiors content!