Design analysing into Smart M4611.

Ballerina Kitchen_gl_smart-m_4611_top_1551_d4_4cjpg

Ballerina Küchen has designed this kitchen, with the smart glass satin finish grey. 

Ballerina Kitchen_gl_smart-m_4611_top_1551_d5_4cjpg

Every new design from Ballerina Küchen always strive to make our lives easier. How do they do this, you ask? Ballerina are able to achieve this by good spacial planning and an interior design concept. This is then focused on user-friendly details to make sure there are short walks from the word go.

Ballerina Kitchen_gl_smart-m_4611_top_1551_p2_v2_4cjpg

Design needs to consider everyday aspect as well. This includes washing, ironing, organising, cleaning products and waste bins. After this is planned, you can return to the fun things in life. 

For a while stone was considered too cold. Today, the effortless feel to the finger rips that use these kitchens will leave a lasting impression. 

Ballerina Kitchen_gl_smart-m_4611_top_1551_d3_4cjpg

The spacious counter is designed to join in to living space. The fitted tall unit side, in matt Smart glass accommodates the user-friendly kitchen appliances and provides additional generous storage space behind sliding and hinged doors.