'Compact Comfort' small kitchen with a lot of individuality and charm.

Small kitchens can also be furnished individually, high quality and made to feel homely. The trend colour dolphin grey creates the basis for an exciting kitchen design. The worktop in marble decor is noble with its suitable recess back panel. Boards and shelves in brook oak and fronts in brook oak make the kitchen feel homely. A true piece of European Furniture design.

Take a look at the pictures below.  

Ballerina kitchen Arte B 3389 5jpeg
Kitchen with all the storage it needs. 

Ballerina kitchen Arte B 3389 4jpeg
Ballerina kitchen has designed this kitchen to entertain guest.

Ballerina kitchen Arte B 3389 3jpeg
You can see all the storage but also the lighting that can be used.

Ballerina kitchen Arte B 3389 2jpeg
Made by Ballerina Küchen for your house or apartment.