A wonderful designed kitchen by Ballerina Küchen.

Ready for any occasions.

01_Ballerina Kchen xl_arte-b_3389_top_1516_p2_model_2878_4cjpg

ARTE-B 3389 in Dolphin grey velvet lacquer.

The ease of reaching shelves as well as a talking point.

02_Ballerina Kitchen xl_arte-b_3389_top_1516_d5_4cjpg

Cleverly designed to have rotating shelves and internal pull-outs and drawers provide the key to wonderful organisation.

03_Ballerina Kitchen xl_arte-b_3389_top_1516_d2_4cjpg

Great task lighting but adds value to the kitchen.

04_Ballerina Kitchen xl_arte-b_3389_top_1516_d1_4cjpg

Eye-catching shelving.

05_Ballerina Kitchen xl_arte-b_3389_top_1516_d4_4cjpg

Ready all your kitchen needs.

Designed for everyone in mind.