100% Design.

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Every year 100% design host a nine day London Design Festival. To unveiling this year’s theme for everyone to see. The exclusive press launch, Max Fraser, the content editor for the show. “2018 is a bright and cheerful year, we have gone for colour.” And “Another feature we have focused on this year is the future, and where design is heading.”

The show is located at Olympia London, announced fun new changes for 2018. They featured a number of new projects with inspiring collaborations and new products launched in the show.

100% design is dedicated to showcase a variety of brands from the UK and internationally, across each of the show areas, brands to watch out for included Greek furniture brand mono.rocks, that was sourced in the unique and exquisite stones from around the world and crafts them into artful interior pieces. Make sure you go and visit 100% Design next year. If you missed it this year. Here are some of our favourites.

The core principles of simplicity and finesse, Bulo is another brand to keep your eye on. It has a timeless aesthetic.

Bulo bankdelen-jules-wabbes-photo-cafeine-be-2-16-1-420x630jpg

The Louise chair was designed n 1963 by Jules Wabbes. It is a simple and elegant chair with a classic personality. 

Another amazing idea is Aritco ’s sleek HomeLift designed by Alexander Lervik, this Swedish innovation skilfully combines safety, technology and design. The open glass shaft, Scandinavian artwork and smart details such as a steering wheel, apps and smooth silent rides give you an uplifting experience.

Aritco s sleek HomeLift jpg

Aritco ’s sleek HomeLift (stand L570, L525) designed by Alexander Lervik.

 Totem high candle holder Cecile Mestelanjpg

Totem high candle holder by Cinzel stone works.

This unique decorative piece that brings together water and fire. Totem can be a flower vase or a candlestick holder. Making this object a distinctive and versatile piece. Interlocking black and white.