Original BTC offers a diverse and unique range of lighting designs, drawing inspiration from Britain’s rich post-industrialisation history as well as incorporating modern tastes and trends with the very latest innovative designs.

Established in Oxford in 1990, Original BTC has steadily grown from a local business into a shining light of British trade. With over 50% of production going to export, the company commands a global market, earning them a Queen's award for global trade in 2015.

Combining centuries old techniques with the very latest technology, all lights are handmade and manufactured in the UK. BTC's six production facilities include a metalworks, glassworks, and a Stoke-on-Trent bone china factory rescued from closure in 2002; it is here their lighting designs, whether crafted from versatile bone china, the finest aluminium, copper, brass and iron, come to life.

It is the rich synergy of quality materials, traditional concepts and modern design that makes each Original BTC's product uniquely distinctive and has ensured the brand's popularity in Europe and beyond.

For full details of their current range, please see Original BTC's website.